The internet is littered with memes of kids and adults doing stupid things.

Thankfully I was young and stupid before camera phones and social media were invented. So there is no photographic evidence of my stupidity.

I don’t even have the excuse of youth for some of my stupidity as this post shows.

The weather here has taken a chilly turn. It was well into midmorning yesterday and we were still below freezing.

This morning it was still -2 when Lucy woke me to let her out to go toilet. Quickest wee ever!

Whenever we get freezing weather it reminds me of the time as a 10 year old I fell through the ice into the River Cherwell.

Due to the extremely cold weather the school field was deemed too dangerous for PE. Rather than have us miss out, we were taken for a walk along the river.

Some of us child geniuses decided to sit on the river bank and kick the ice. You know where this is headed don’t you?

In my desire to be the first one to break through the ice. I managed to kick it so hard that when it inevitably cracked, the rest of my body followed my foot into the icy water.

To this day I can still remember that moment of shock as I plunged up to my armpits in freezing water.

I’m not sure how or who pulled me out. I do remember the walk back to school. My teeth chattering and losing all feeling in my toes! I also remember being given clothes from the left behind bag to change into.

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