It’s not a surprise to those that know me well, but, I’m quite enjoying this social distancing thing.

It’s made easier by the fact that the kids are holding up quite well. I’d anticipated weeks of stopping fights. Trying to find the answer to that impossible question in an argument between two testosterone fuelled teenage boys. “Who started it”

Theres not been much of it at all!

Coffee and people watching

One thing I’ve missed is the kid free coffees and people watching. I think my love affair with this started in Corfu. My role as a holiday Rep required me to be available for guests in certain places at certain times.

For most of those hours no guests would require my services. So I’d sit there with an ice cold frappe watching holiday makers and locals going about their day.

Insta Stories Provide Ample People Watching Opportunities

Today however I had my Eureka moment. You’ll be pleased to know it wasn’t in the bath and I didn’t run naked anywhere. It was, fittingly so, whilst sitting in the front yard a Dalgona coffee in hand watching the kids hoverboard up and down the road.

You can people watch from the comfort of your own home. Not in a twitching at the net curtains, spying on your neighbours sort of way.

Insta Stories Provide Ample People watching opportunity.

Before lockdown I’ll be honest Insta Stories were normally set playing in the background whilst I did something else.

A bit like when you have daytime TV on, but potter about doing the housework. Only glancing at the screen if something sounds interesting.

Away From the Picture Perfect Grids

Lately though I’ve found myself actually watching and listening to people’s stories.

It gives a fascinating insight into people’s lives. Away from the picture perfect grids, filled with beautiful images.

Perhaps deep down I always knew this, and hence, why mine are predominantly photos with a bit of text.

Hats off to those who share their lives on Insta Stories. Be it from the car, the shed or wherever they happen to be.

You see, sitting in a coffee shop watching people go by you can’t tell what is really happening. You can see the animated phone conversations. The stressed parent pleading with Little Johnny to end his sit down protest and get out to the car.

The reasons behind all these events are a mystery. We can only guess. Yet on Insta Stories we hear the stories, sometimes accompanied by video or photographic evidence.

Perhaps I’ll just invest in a decent bean to cup coffee machine and then after lockdown I can just sit in my yard. Fancy coffee in hand watching the lives of my friends on Insta Stories.

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