Like many of you my TV viewing, well I say TV most of my viewing is on my phone, has increased during the pandemic.

I came across Lupin on Netflix and loved it. Since then I’ve pretty much only watched foreign language programmes. This has a couple of additional benefits.

  • When watching in bed with Josh asleep beside me I don’t miss anything with the volume down low.
  • I’m not as distracted by social media as you can’t afford to miss anything by looking away.

So is Bitter Daisies worth watching?

The Synopsis – Lt. Rosa Vargas is a rookie Civil Guard officer sent to a small town in Northern Spain to investigate a young girls disappearance. Preview

This is not a face paced thriller. The story unfolds slowly. In fact in the first few minutes of arriving in the town the local Civil Guard, Mauro, tries to get Rosa to close the investigation and return home.

She persists and a simple missing girl case turns into a hunt for a killer/killers responsible for multiple deaths.

We find out little about Rosa. Nothing about why she became a Civil Guard. No partner or ex that we know off. Save for taking medication for anxiety and a voicemail recording from her sister, nothing is revealed about her.

We do discover that her sister disappeared in the same town. During her investigation she comes across information that pertains to her sisters disappearance.

The lives of the locals are uncovered bit by bit. From the Garage worker that’s also a Satanist. The church volunteer who has a prostitute as a companion. Not least Mauro and his daughter who we discover knew the missing girl.

I was hooked. Each episode left more unanswered questions than it answered.

Come the final episode the clues that had been dropped carefully along the way clicked into place.

Maria Mera plays the part of Rosa to perfection. She assumes the role of a keen, young Civil Guard working her first big case impeccably. Focused solely on the investigation, even though in may cases she stumbles on clues rather than finding them through investigative means. Her rented apartment is sparse with no personal touches added. She even keeps a lost dog for company.

Mauro, Toni Salgado is a stereotypical law enforcement officer from a small town with little crime. More intent on keeping the peace and harmony than punishing offenders.

One of my favourite characters was Albere the local Civil Guard commander. He is the wise head. Offering advice to the young Guard whilst reminding her that they don’t have to help her.

This is definitely worth adding to your watch list.

I’ve just discovered that there is a second series, though as yet no release date on Netflix.

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