Disney Plus has Launched

From a sales and marketing point of view Disney have struck gold.

Launching a streaming service when the majority of Europe’s school are shut and all but essential services told to remain closed. Certainly makes for an audience of children needing something to do and more importantly parents needing 30 minutes for a cup of hot coffee.

I’ll be honest, between Sky Go, Netflix and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate we’re at the limit. If not over on what we can afford to pay for entertainment monthly.

It might not make it to a paid subscription

A seven day free trail and five year old not used to being inside for this amount of time had me signing up straight away.

I told the boys. Big teen thought it was all Pixar Movies and Frozen, Teen 2 and Buddy just grunted. It might not make it to a paid subscription I thought to myself.

We’d done some counting, number formation and counting with Little Miss and she was due a break. Given a choice it would be The Spy Ninjas on YouTube. Being an animal lover I knew she’d like Lady and the Tramp so I stuck it on and called her in to “Look at the cute puppy”

Bingo! She sat down and was engrossed. Sheets were washed and hung on the line. Lunch was prepared and that elusive hot coffee was drunk.

Then I heard tears and rushed in to see Littlep Miss bawling her eyes out as Lady was being backed into a corner by the street dogs. That pretty much ended Disney Plus for the day.

A film called Invincible caught my eye

With everyone in bed I thought I’d have a look at what else there was. In the movies section a film called Invincible caught my eye. Reading the synopsis I remember watching it a few years ago. The finer details eluded me so I settled down and hit play.

As I watched it reminded me why so many people love sports. Wether it’s Rugby, Football/Soccer, the NFL or GAA. When times are hard those minutes at the weekend cheering your team on are an escape from the stresses that may be happening around us.

In the current Coronavirus situation I’m sure there are many who could do with that escapism right now.

Many of us had that dream of playing professional sports when we were younger.

It seems a lot longer, but less than two weeks ago I was walking out the tunnel at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The Tunnel at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

As I walked under the Come On You Spurs sign and out into the evening sun, the hairs stood up and I felt like an 11 year old boy again. Kicking a ball around with my mates and imagining running out that very tunnel.

Invincible is the story of Vince Papale.

A part time bartender, his wife has left him and he tries out for his local NFL Team the Philadelphia Eagles. Based on a true story.

It’s probably not the greatest script, cast and story ever told. But for 90 minutes it had me. I forgot about talk of lockdowns, school closures and my parents, the kids Grandparents who are five time zones away and well past the age considered vunerable.

I laughed, I may have cried, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I rooted for Vince Papale like I was from South Philly. Spurs need a player or two, perhaps I should offer José my services.

It also shows that character is more important than talent.

So if you need time to do the washing, cook the dinner or need a hot cuppa and some family time.

Fire up the Disney Plus App and stick on Invincible. If there are more films like this on there it might become a permanent fixture in my house.

This is not an ad, nothing was gifted. We paid for tickets on the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour and have signed up to the free trail of Disney Plus.