Lockdown Won’t Last Forever.

I’ve resisted writing about the whole Covid 19 thing so far. Mainly due to the fact I’ve no words of wisdom to help people get through this, and we’ve not had any amusing or funny mishaps to entertain you.

I’ve been wondering though about what happens when restrictions end. The old “normal” isn’t going to return overnight.

It can’t continue forever

Much like introverts the world over I’m revelling in many aspects of the current social distancing rules. I am fully aware that as a society it can’t continue forever, and there are some things I do miss.

I fear though, most of the good aspects will swiftly be forgotten, and fall by the wayside when the world goes back to its 900 miles per hour pace.

Checking in on the vunerable members of our communities. (How was this not happening anyway?) Not making those unnecessary journeys and causing more damage to the environment. Less time with our families as commutes and school return. Back to buying crap we don’t need because PR companies and Celebs tell us we’ll be happier if we do.

In many ways I feel it’s similar to pregnancy.

In Many Ways I Feel It’s Similar to Pregnancy

I did often wonder how women could give up cigarettes and alcohol for nine months, then the first chance they get after the birth go for a smoke and arranging a night of binge drinking.

Then it dawned on me. They aren’t voluntarily giving up. It’s enforced. The desire to not harm the baby they are carrying outweighing the nicotine craving.

So instead of enjoying the additional time at home. Not having to navigate the gridlocked roads on the daily commute. People are focusing on the day they are set free. The minute they are given the all clear, like a greyhound out of the traps they will be gone. Chasing that hare at 90 mile per hour. Eager to make up for lost time!

I’ve a Different Perspective

OK my situation is different. I was a stay at home parent and carer before the virus. I’m still a stay at home parent and carer but have now had to add teacher to the mix.

Financially we’re actually a bit better off. Quite simply because we aren’t going anywhere to spend money. The kids aren’t asking for Euros here and there for trips to the shop with their mates. No referee payments or club fees to pay. No new hurls or replacement soccer boots. Not to mention the tenner every day for school dinners for the teens.

We’ve actually managed to buy Baba 3.0 a cot, travel system and car seat without having to stress over what bill might have to wait.

So whilst I long for being able to hop in the car with Little Miss and the dog and take a stroll across the Slieve Blooms or a walk to the park with carrots for the horses when we’ve finished playing. I’m happy to not go back to all the consumerist rubbish that seems to be the normal people are itching to get back to.

Coming Soon

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware I’ve not written for ages. Well fear not faithful followers I’m back.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

During my sabbatical I’ve had time to contemplate what matters to me. What is it that moves me. You might be surprised!

So What Can You Look Forward to on The OMG Daily?

The things that matter to me. Education, equality for all, the environment. As well as family life, travel all fuelled by coffee and food.

I remember reading a biography of Sir Richard Branson as a boy and there was a quote of his, that has stuck with me.

My previous blog OMG It’s A Girl had lain dormant for a while. I couldn’t remember the password or email address and couldn’t get back into it. So a new blog and name was required.

I thought The OMG Daily had a nice ring to it. Now we just have to work out how to do it! I’ve been a busy little bee, buzzing away in the background getting posts prepared so if everything goes according to plan you can expect daily uploads .

I look forward to seeing your comments as the posts start going live on November 1st 2019.