Although my blog is primarily a place for me to type my ramblings there are times that I receive free items, trips or even payment for posts. Read on as I explain what these are and mean for you.

Review Items

In order o get the word out about their products brands and business will send their products to me to give an honest review.

At a times the fact the product was free does not influence my opinion. All words and content are my own and I will not accept a review if their are stipulations about what I can write.

I only accept review items for products / services that my family would normally use or that I have a particular interest in.

Press Events

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be invited to Press Preview events. Any posts about these events are entirely my words and opinions.

I also base my thoughts on if I had paid for the event at a normal entry price.

Sponsored Posts and Collaborations

Every now and then I will be asked to with host a post written by another company for a fee or will be paid to write a post about a product or service.

These will be clearly marked as sponsored.