Good Morning Veronica Streaming On Netflix

After the slow paced Bitter Daisies, Good Morning Veronica is like getting into a Ferrari after driving a Fiat Punto.

Within minutes of the first episode starting a young woman has commited suicide in the police station with a hand gun!

A lowly police clerk, Veronica is stood in front of her as she pulls the trigger. So close she ends up with blood on her face.

This leads to her getting involved in the investigation. Even talking to reporters when the Police Captain won’t. She appeals for women who’ve been abused or raped to contact her.

Two women come forward and Veronica ends up taking on the investigations. With the help of her friend, Nelson. The police IT guy.

The police Captain, Anita clashes with her. Luckily for Veronica her Godfather is the Police Chief. Time is of the essence for Veronica though as he is due to retire and Anita will take over.

The pace is relentless. The acting is excellent throughout. From Taniá Müller, Veronica to Camila Morgado as Janete. Eliciting the whole spectrum of human emotions. From revulsion to hope.

Along the way Veronica discovers that one of the cases may be linked to her father. A Police Chief in his day. Until rumours of corruption caused him to murder his wife and commit suicide.

Veronica is determined in her quest for truth and justice. We feel her pain when things go wrong. Her anguish when her actions are the reason for another’s pain.

This is a definite must watch and, based on this I’ll be looking for more Brazilian shows to watch.